Second harmonic generation slot waveguide

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Coherent Control of High-Harmonic Generation

Efficient phase-matched third harmonic generation in a Efficient phase-matched third harmonic generation in a metal-clad plasmonic double-slot waveguide Tingting Wu1,2,4, Perry Ping Shum1,2,3, Xuguang Shao1, Yunxu Sun1,4, Tinaye Huang1,2 and Lei Wei1 1School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, 50 Nanyang Avenue 639798, Singapore Efficient second-harmonic generation in silicon nitride We demonstrate a thousand-fold enhancement of second-harmonic generation in an all-dielectric silicon nitride (SiN) resonant waveguide grating compared to a flat SiN film. The str Efficient surface second-harmonic generation in slot micro It results from the modulation of the waveguide dispersion by slot structure. The slot structure enlarges the waveguide dispersion by more evanescent field propagating outside the fiber, making β 1 of the pump wave in fundamental mode and β 2 of the second-harmonic wave in high-order mode matched at a shorter wavelength.

Nonlinear Group IV photonics based on silicon and

Silicon photonics meets the electronics requirement of increased speed and bandwidth with on-chip optical networks. All-optical data management requires nonlinear silicon photonics. OSA | Efficient second harmonic generation in internal ... We theoretically propose an internal asymmetric plasmonic slot waveguide (IAPSW), containing two different materials in the slot region. The IAPSW is used for second harmonic generation (SHG) at a wavelength of 1.55 μm. The required phase matching condition is satisfied between the 0th-order mode at the fundamental frequency and the 1st-order mode at the second harmonic frequency.

M. M. M. Ali et al.: Low Loss and Ultra Flat Rectangular Waveguide Harmonic Coupler coupling arms. The coupling of the fundamental signal is suppressed to be less than 75dB to have an excellent iso-lation. The presented coupler is considered as a weak cou-

Abstract We present for the first time second harmonic generation in amorphous stoichiometric Si 3 N 4 waveguides grown via low pressure chemical vapor deposition. An effective second-order susceptibility (χ (2)) is established via the coherent photogalvanic effect.A waveguide was designed to phase match a horizontally (parallel to the waveguide width) polarized hybrid EH 00 mode at 1064 nm Photoinduced χ(2) for second harmonic generation in SPIE Digital Library Proceedings. CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS Papers Presentations

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(PDF) High-confined second harmonic generation in nano ...