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Slot machine - definition of slot machine by The Free Dictionary

A casino can claim that over the long run their slot machines pay out 95% or 97.5% of the money they take in. This claim of course can be verified for honesty. If Casino A has a payout rate of 98% and that is the highest rate around then it can claim it has the loosest slots. What the term loose slots does not mean is: You will win more than ... What does (: mean? | What Does That Mean? What does . . . . mean when someone just types the dots. And I don’t mean at the end of a sentence. Just the dots alone. What does that mean? Reply-14 Was this answer helpful? Like Dislike. 3-7-14. Kennabug says: I’m not really sure but it probably means like blushing or something… I’d blush if a guy told me I was beautiful. BiS - What does Best in Slot mean to you? : diablo3 The question is does any Deathwish sword mean you have a best in slot weapon, or does it need to be perfect before you can call it Best in slot. A third option is that it needs to be ancient with the correct rolls, but not primal with perfect rolls. Any Deathwish is best in slot; An ancient Deathwish with good rolls is best in slot

The sense of "opening in a machine for a coin to be inserted" is from 1888 (slot machine first attested 1891). The sense of "position in a list" is first recorded 1942; verb sense of "designate, appoint" is from 1960s. Slot car first attested 1966.

Define slot machine. slot machine synonyms, slot machine pronunciation, slot machine translation, English dictionary definition of slot machine. n. 1. A gambling machine operated by inserting coins into a slot and often by pulling down on a long handle. 2. A vending machine operated by inserting... Slut - Wikipedia The word slut is used as a slang term in the BDSM, polyamorous, and gay and bisexual communities. A parallel exists between the female term slut and the term gay for males. . Unlike women, who are usually policed for being sexually promiscuous, men are often criticized for not being masculine or dominant enough, thus questioning their heterosexua

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Company Culture and Its Importance - thebalancecareers.com What is company culture and how does it impact the workplace? Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals. Slut - Wikipedia Slut is generally a term for a woman or girl who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous. It is usually used as an insult, sexual slur or offensive term of disparagement ( slut-shaming ). It originally meant "a dirty, slovenly woman", and is rarely used to refer to men,... Urban Dictionary: SLOT Top definition. SLOTunknown. To kill, to put someone in a grave, which is literally a slot in the ground. "I hate you so much one day I'm going to slot you." ##kill## ...

slot definition: 1. a long, narrow hole, especially one for putting coins into or for fitting a separate piece into: 2. an amount of time that is officially allowed for a single event in a planned order of activities or events: 3. to put something into a slot or fit together using slots: . Learn more.

What slot volatility mean in slots refers to the risk involved in playing the game. Volatility is also referred to as dispersion or variance and when these terms refer to slots, it is used to let the player know how often a payout can be expected as well as how lucrative the payout would be. What Happens When You Hit a Slot Machine Jackpot? Winning a jackpot on slot machines is a dream come true for slot players but many of them don't know what to do when that opportunity comes. It is best to plan ahead in time and learn the mechanics first, that you may know what's the best thing to do for that jackpot money. And don't forget to bring a valid ID for your identification. What does mean SLOT in aviation - answers.com What does SLOT mean in the aviation field? ... What is the opposite of someone who flies? If you actually meant synonym you could have flier, pilot, aircrew, balloonist etc