How to dimension a counterbored slot

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Dimensioning of Slots (SW 2009 and ASME ... - SolidWorks Legion Simply state width and overall length, and use an arrow to point to the slot’s object line. Though originally reserved for punching operations, ASME Y14.5M-1994 allows for the use of this method on any simple slot. When using hole wizard to dimension a slot in SolidWorks 2009 or higher, this is the type of dimension that is inserted. Counterbore - Wikipedia A counterbore (symbol: ⌴) is a cylindrical flat-bottomed hole that enlarges another coaxial hole, or the tool used to create that feature.A counterbore hole is typically used when a fastener, such as a socket head cap screw, is required to sit flush with or below the level of a workpiece's surface.

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At one end of the slot, specify the center point of the center mark by clicking the end of the slot centerline.fcsuper (Mechanical) 27 Aug 10 19:04 Greyhound101,Also, there are 3 proper methods to dimension a slot in ASME Y14.5. Slot Dimensioning Solidworks - He has presented at ... When using hole wizard to dimension a slot in SolidWorks 2009 or higher, this is the type of dimension that is inserted. (A future article will address how to simulate this method in SolidWorks 2008 or previous.) Method (b) The third method (c) provides the width poker sites reviews 2019 and overall length of the slot in linear dimensions. This method is preferred if the slot slot dimensioning solidworks has positional tolerances that use the boundary method (see ASME Y14.5M-1994 figure 5-47). Dimensioning - IVCC

This inferred plane will serve as one end of the location dimension at the absence of an actual plane feature at that location. Then pick the bottom face of this bearing house on the right to get the 1.630-in callout. Similarly, we can get the 1.420-in dimension, as highlighted in Figure 3, with these steps. Figure 3.

Counterbored Slot iFeature - Autodesk Community Hi, I was looking for an easy way to create counterbored slots, and maybe I'm just blind, but I found nothing. Out of "frustration" I

A counter-bored hole has two diameters; a large diameter that is big enough to fit the screw head and the smaller diameter houses the shaft of the screw. Benefits of having a counter-bored hole are: • A smooth, clean surface is sustained when a large fastener is needed. •

Slotted holes - Drafting Reference Training Manuals Counterbored holes: ... Continued Slotted holes Dimension slotted holes by width, length, or center points. ... Figure 3-31 illustrates three different methods for dimensioning slotted holes. Figure 3-31. slot call out - Drafting Standards, GD&T & Tolerance Analysis - Eng-Tips What is the best way to call out a slot? I have used basic dimension to reference the true center of the slot from 2 perpendicular datums. Then I called out the